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Plan for your Future

I see – about 20 times a week – people asking how to motivate themselves. However, motivation will only get you so far. It will get you to your start line, but not much more. PLANNING is what will get you to where you want to go. Let’s build your motivation to get a PLAN!

Imagine you are the healthy and fit version of yourself you aspire to be.

What is difference between how you are now and this future version of yourself? Grab a brew and a pen and some paper. You’re going to ace this planning session.

I’m going to give you some cues and you write down the answers. Add your own cues too.

What does Future You (FYOU) do for their first meal of the day? When is it? What is it? How varied is it? When does FYOU prep or plan this?

What does FYOU do for lunch – at work? At Home? On a non-work day? As a special treat?

How does FYOU snack? Are snacks planned? What hunger cues does FYOU use for snacking?

What does FYOU drink? Throughout the day? In the evening? At home, in a pub or a restaurant? For a special night out?

How does FYOU plan dinners? What about dinners out or takeaways? Are they planned? If so, when?

How does FYOU feel about their relationship with food?

How does FYOU react to the temptation of unplanned ‘treat’ food and why?

What are FYOU’s exercise habits? How is FYOU sticking to a fitness plan? How is it tracked? Does FYOU share this with anyone? How does FYOU respond if they can’t do a planned workout? How does FYOU prioritise exercise over less important things? What does FYOU do less of?

How comfortable does FYOU feel in their own skin? How is this most readily evident? What messages does FYOU choose to listen to? Which to ignore?

What would FYOU want to tell you, your present self, today?

Look at the differences between FYOU and your present self. Which are the ones that are most significant? Which differences feel easy to address and which feel really difficult?

Come up with 3 courses of action to move from where you are now closer to FYOU. Which one appeals most to you and why? Which one will you commit to? On a scale of 1 – 10, how committed are you? If it’s <10, what can you change to turn up your commitment level.

Drop a comment below with your plan if you want added accountability!

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