Life on track course

Ready to get your life back on track?


What does that even look like?


Feeling more committed and motivated towards your goals

Being more resilient and able to deal with life events

Being happier and more fulfilled with your life choices


Who is it for?


For people who:


Want to achieve unrealised dreams and goals

Feel dissatisfied with their life right now

Are precariously balanced and/or unsure how to deal with any more unexpected life events.


What does it involve?


A focus on:


Big picture goal-setting, action plans, accountability, balance building and strategies to cope with the unexpected.


Over 3 months, you will have:


1 hour fortnightly individual coaching call

1 hour fortnightly group coaching call

An online small group private space

Access to the Wellbeing Academy webinars, videos and downloads

And a few secret freebies ;)🎁


(Yes, you'll have an hour long coaching call every week for 12 weeks so this isn't for you if you don't want to show up and do the work!)


The new course will start the week of 19 April 2021. The course is £167 per month, for 3 months, or £500.

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