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We often hear a definition of resilience around 'the ability to bounce back from whatever life throws at us'.  But this definition implies that you are crushed, broken or at least depressed by what life throws at us and then you bounce back.  Having high resilience means that you don't always end up in a place where you have to bounce back because it is the ability to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances.  Resilience isn't a trait, it's not something you either have or don't have.  It is a set of behaviours and 

Resilience webinar

29 July

11am - noon

actions that we can learn, develop and strengthen.  The great news is that we can work on our resilience to help future proof ourselves against both traumatic events and the daily persistent 

grind of being asked to do more than we can sustainably give.  The second part of good news about building resilience is that it is linked with increasing self-esteem and improving overall wellbeing.  Who wouldn't want to do that?  This talk will discuss both academic and practical applications to improve resilience, centring on taking action when our energy is high so that reserves are built when we need them least, ready for that point in time when we need them most.