Thrive Online Masterclass Series

4 classes, 4 weeks, £200

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1. To grow vigorously: flourish 

2. To gain in wealth or possessions: prosper 

3. To progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.


Thrive is a series of 4 weekly online masterclasses to help you experience peak mental wellbeing.  Given how big the topic is, it’s broken down into 4 separate elements:


What holds you back

Self-limiting beliefs and labels that no longer serve you can hold you back in life and stop you even thinkingabout what your potential is, never mind how you could realise it.  You’ll learn what things are holding you back and some strategies to overcome those things.



It’s a big topic, but we’ll break it down into actionable steps that you can take that would serve your wellbeing the most right now. You’ll think of the best small steps you can take immediately and work on building them into a bigger, lifelong plan.



Resilience has a reputation about being all about the ‘bounce back’ and yes, that is a part of it. But resilience is also something you can pre-emptively build to give you strength to draw on for when times get tough. It’s as much about maintaining your effectiveness in the face of difficult circumstances as it is about being able to return to your normal when things get better.


Values, skills and strengths

This is a session all about self-exploration. What values are at your core and how can you use that knowledge to make your life feel happier and more balanced? What skills and strengths are you not making the best use of and how can you enhance and hone them for your own good? 


If you’re feeling like you’re in a position to take control of your life, to make positive changes and you want to invest in yourself, this online masterclass series is for you.  



What holds you back – 6 October 9pm

Wellbeing – 13 October 9pm

Resilience – 20 October 9pm

Values, skills and strengths 27 October 9pm.


UK times and all held via Zoom.



£200 for the full series. I’m keeping them as a series rather than individual workshops because I know you’re going to get so much out of them! Each session will last about an hour, a bit more if people like to chat.


Course Coach

I’m Angharad Boyson and I’ll be your coach for this online masterclass series.  I have an MSc in Occupational Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching and I am the Founder and Head Coach at bright rebel coaching ltd.  

As well as running workshops for private clients, I work with charities, teachers and civil servants to enable organisations to give their employees great access to wellbeing resources.  I am also the author of:

Resilience: An easy guide to maintaining your effectiveness

Wellbeing: An easy guide to enhancing and maintaining your wellbeing

(Both available via Amazon)

My life mission is to use my love of learning to help others learn what their best, happiest and most fulfilled lives would look like – and then help them live it.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to show my face?


No! If you’d rather sit on zoom with no video on, that’s 100% fine! You can interact as much or as little as you like, in whichever way best benefits you!


Do I need to do any extra work?


I’ll be giving you ideas and suggestions about action points, but it’s up to you how much you do and it’s for your benefit so it’s not like a homework kind of situation!


Do you give this series to organisations?


Yes, and there’s also an optional hot-seat session that works well if a group have established good trust in the first 4 workshops. Just get in touch for more details.