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I'm Angharad Boyson and my passion is helping you uncover your passion. Waking up eager to get to it. Whether your passion is what you get paid for, a project, a side hustle, your family, your volunteer work. Whatever it is, I want you to find it and live fearlessly with passion, purpose and balance.


After 17 years in the Royal Air Force, I was ready for a change.  But I wasn't really sure what that change was.  Qualifying as a coach has taught me a lot about how my self-worth isn't tied up in my occupational identity, that living passionately and with purpose doesn't have to mean working every single hour and that I can feel fulfilled, happy and whole without working 60+ hours a week.  It's not an exaggeration to say that my life is very different these days!


I coach using a five-step method:

Clarity – on your goals and how you want to live your life

Options – on how to get there

Action plan – the step by step process

Carry it out – with accountability and overcoming obstacles

Harvest the results of your work.  


Five steps, a whole lot of effort and the life you want to live. And it all starts with one simple, free chemistry call!

I am currently based in Canberra, Australia (so do come and follow bright rebel coaching on IG if you'd like to see some photos of the gorgeous scenery here)!  I do face-to-face coaching as well as audio-visual coaching and a limited number of workshops and webinars on holistic topics such as wellbeing, resilience and goal-setting.  

I’m an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, hold a Masters in Occupational Psychology, trained with Barefoot Coaching, enjoy triathlon training, vanilla lattes and movie time with my 7 year old daughter and my husband.


founder - Angharad boyson


Claire moody

meg batch

Meg is an award-winning Personal Development Trainer and Coach with a proven track record of positive outcomes within the Resilience, Wellness and Employability sectors, across a broad range of client groups. She is an ex-Military Officer with a strong professional background. As a Graduate of the Coaching Academy, she is The Coaching Academy International Coaching Awards 2016 "Coaching for a Cause"​ Winner

zoe poulton

Zoe is an experienced change manager with a Masters in Defence Leadership Studies from Cranfield University and a Level 5 Certificate in Management Coaching and Mentoring.  Highly motivated and delivers excellent leadership development and training.

our associate team

Our Associate Team are just about to start work on a very exciting project for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.  The wellbeing and employment workshops for partners of RAF personnel are being trialled at RAF Benson, RAF Halton and RAF Leeming.  If you're a partner of RAF personnel and would like a free place on this course, please visit the RAFBF site -->

Claire is an extremely experienced trainer and coach and you can always guarantee she will deliver outstanding results; she is incredibly passionate about both her training and coaching.  She has over 35 years’ experience in training, coaching, and quality assurance roles with experience as a teacher, train the trainer and working with international clients.  


She has an MSc in executive coaching, accredited by Ashridge a world leader in executive coach training and development.  Additionally, she specialises in psychometric assessment, including MBTI and 16PF diagnostic tools plus may more.


With her executive coaching, she is extremely motivated and has a focus on unlocking life-changing insights with each coachee.  She encourages the development of a deeper self-awareness and personal insight.  She believes a person’s past is no indication of their future, everyone can achieve change in whatever direction they choose, but they must decide and choose to do this, which is the key, committing themselves wholeheartedly.  She firmly believes that people’s beliefs about what is possible for themselves are their only limits.

about coaching

The basis of every coaching relationship is mutual trust and the ability of a coach to actively listen, without judgement.  A coach will ask you powerful questions that help you gain insight into your actions, beliefs and thoughts.  These may be challenging, they may evoke strong emotions, but a coach keeps you in a safe place where you feel like you can explore those without being overpowered by them.

A coach will help you identify situations where the same things happen, or common patterns of behaviour.  A coach doesn't just help you change how you think about something, or your mindset, but will also help you change your behaviour on a practical level.  We help you work out your goals, your action plans and keep you accountable.

In short, a coach provides all of the support for you to change whatever you want to change so that you can live your best life, full of passion, purpose and balance.