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"Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. Our sessions always felt so easy and flowed so naturally from the beginning. I really appreciate how gently you guided me to a place of confidence - and with a wonderful sense of humour. My self-esteem has been hugely boosted and I feel well-equipped to continue building my confidence. But more than anything, I'm grateful that, after a long period of feeling stuck in my ways, you showed me that change is possible! I go forth with much more optimism!"

I found my coaching sessions with Angharad so helpful.  I wanted to work on some specific business goals that I'd been struggling with for a long time.  Through the coaching Angharad helped me to appreciate that these goals had been so elusive because they weren't the right fit for me or my business.  This has given me the space to take up other opportunities and to focus on what is right for me and I felt so much more positive about my direction.

Small business owner

I went into this looking to understand what had happened, how I really felt about it and how I should deal with it.  I came away with a great deal of clarity and understanding, a plan of attack, a confidence in my end game decision no matter which of the two options would need to happen and a sense of control. 


Angharad unlocked the potential in me and then provided experiential support to focus my approach.  She didn’t actually cheer me along but somehow enabled me to cheer myself and push on even when things looked darker.


I knew if I needed her she would be there and I approached all I did with the confidence and trust in her abilities, approach and understanding.  To use another comparator; Angharad was the sat nav in my head. I knew where I needed to go but she helped me consider the obstacles along the journey and when I was on that path she helped with reassurances and with other aids to the journey.  


I cannot recommend Angharad too highly and a written testimonial really cannot cover enough; but if I need help again she will be my first port of call.

Professional facing a career change

When I started working with Angharad, I was a busy, over-committed, solo parent of two young children, with a husband who works overseas for the majority of the year. After just one session, I was able to see beyond the nearest crocodile and make an achievable, actionable plan to move forward. Angharad is knowledgeable and measured in her approach, which she tailors to suit each session. She balances perfectly the need to gently facilitate your own work towards solutions with reflecting back the big issues that need to be considered. She does not allow you to hide from yourself; instead she creates an environment where you feel totally empowered to challenge your own mental talk.  I have a much deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind behaviour (and how that affects me) as well as having a toolkit I can turn to in order to deal with situations. 

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