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Today is a day off. I was expecting to work but a retreat got cancelled so I’m having a lazy morning. Last week was an amazingly busy, fantastic and energetic week. I loved it but I was pretty zonked by the end of it. Yesterday, my husband put a beef stew in the slow cooker and about an hour before we ate, I threw together some dumplings and chucked those in. I closed the curtains, lit the candles, made myself a hot toddy and we watched some re-runs of Friends. We went to bed early and I woke up this morning, full of ideas for my creative business and feeling full of brain energy again! When we talk about self-care, really what we are saying is: 1) Know yourself. Know when you’re flagging AND what you respond best to. 2) Acknowledge those feelings. That involves stopping long enough to do that. 3) Act. I could have spent last night doing chores, catching up with friends, celebrating some big wins. But I chose to act in my own longer term best interests. And that’s all self-care is. We can make charts and challenges and lists of things we need to buy but if you don’t do those 3 things? You’re not caring for yourself. Wishing you a happy and healthy weekend xx 

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