Work from home Christmas wish list

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

For lots of people working from home has been an unexpected part of 2020. Love it or loathe it, it’s unlikely to go away! So while you’re considering compiling your Christmas wish list, why not think about a couple of things that may make your working from home days a little easier?

Here’s my breakdown of things that already do or could make my working from home more effective, beautiful or productive!

A coffee machine! We had a proper barista machine back in the UK but chose not to ship it to Australia. We now use a pod machine which is actually pretty decent. If you’ve already got a pod machine, may I introduce you to Tripod coffee. They have many different flavours of coffee and their PODS ARE COMPOSTABLE. Compostable I tell you. No more faffing taking them apart to recycle. (Or just sending to landfill as some do). You can opt for a bag to send them back for composting or they can go in some compost collections.

Tiny succulent in sweet white pot with clock in background