10 home working tips

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

And 3 work from anywhere efficiency tips!

Photos by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Whether or not you regularly work from home, have just started or are temporarily working from home due to health issues, (Yeah, I know, but nobody wants to think too hard about the C-word, right?) working from home has both its opportunities and its challenges!

On the one hand, being able to take advantage of sunny weather to have a cup of coffee on your patio or put the washing out is great. On the other hand, feeling the urge to deep clean your kitchen or succumb to the temptation of ‘just one episode’ of your latest Netflix obsession can be tough to ignore.

I’ve run my business from home (and coffee shops and co-working spaces) since 2016. Here’s some of my top tips to keep you productive and efficient. And, as a bonus, my top 3 tips for efficient workflows, no matter where you are.

3 top tips for efficient working

1. Do not start work immediately. I know, crazy, right? But if you start working straight away, without a plan or prioritising, how do you know that what you’re working on is