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Out of office message

Too often our out of office message is the last thing we do as we’re rushing to switch off the computer in our last day before the holidays. But a bit of time thinking about it can really help us.

After writing when you will be back in the office, consider some other information you could provide. 

What are people most likely to be contacting you for? Do you have somewhere where that information is already accessible e.g. a FAQs section on your website? Direct people there.

Is there an alternative or near-alternative service provider or equivalent that is usually open in the holidays? Especially if you work in a helping industry, you just want people to find the help they need when they need it. And signposting people to a competitor does wonders for your reputation and helps build your business network. (Don’t believe me, watch Miracle on 34th Street!)

What could you provide for any potential customer while you are away? Do you have downloads or relevant blog posts? Adding links like these to your out of office message means you are still engaging with and encouraging your potential clients and customers. 

When you return to the office, don’t forget to switch your out of office message back off (I see so many instances of people forgetting this!) and to touch base with those who have left you messages. 

In short, take the time to make your out of office message as helpful as it can possibly be. And then go and enjoy yourself! Happy Holidays!🎄 🎅 

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