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How to reflect meaningfully

The difference between meaningful reflection and pointless rumination is in the quality of the questions you ask yourself. Good questions can be: What led me to that decision/action? Why did I choose that one? What were the consequences of my choice? If I’m unhappy with those consequences, what changes could I make it to my thought process to avoid a similar choice and outcome next time? If I’m happy with them, how can I replicate them in future? What did I not know that I needed to? When have I made better/worse choices and what is the difference this time? And at the end of the reflection, forgive yourself if you are judging your choices. Commit to doing better in future, but forgive and let go. And if you are happy with your choices, celebrate them! High fives all round 🙌. Overthinking solves little. High quality thinking solves much! 

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