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Restriction Easing Anxiety

Lockdown easing is causing some of my clients to feel heightened anxiety. If this sounds like you too, here are some thoughts that you may find helpful.

1. Remember that you have the control here. It’s totally up to you to change how, when and where you change your lockdown behaviour. Ignore what you’re seeing others are doing and focus on your own needs.

2. Start small. Your comfort zone has changed. You can change it back again but it doesn’t have to be in one go. Change something that gives you the most value. Be intentional and conscious about what that is.

3. Have a plan. When you’ve consciously assessed what change will bring you the most value, have a plan for what that looks like as well as a plan for calming yourself. Whether that’s deep breaths, a meditation app on your phone or your backing out plan, knowing you can take action if a situation feels overwhelming will help you.

4. Communicate. Let people know that you’re not ready to join them in the pub at the busiest time just yet, but provide an alternative that is more palatable for you.

5. Know you’re not alone. I know when you see people queuing for pubs and shops, it can feel like you’re the only one who feel anxious about getting back out and about with huge groups of other people, but trust me, you’re not!

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