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Resilience webinar

Resilience is more than just bouncing back. It's how we can build ourselves up to remain effective even in the most difficult of circumstances.  It is linked with increasing self-esteem and improving overall wellbeing.  AND it is something we can learn. This webinar will discuss both academic and practical applications to improve resilience, centring on taking action when our energy is high so that reserves are built when we need them least, ready for that point in time when we need them most.

Wellbeing webinar

Be reassured that it is ok to prioritise your own wellbeing.  Identify the barriers you have that are stopping you taking better care of yourself and explore some of the opposites of wellbeing.  You will identify behavioural and mindset changes that you can make and change your wellbeing life story.

Growth Mindset webinar

You can change how effective your body finds medicine, your blood pressure, your body weight, just by changing your mindset.  Learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets.  Discover more about your inner critic and how to deal with that annoyingly persistent negative voice.  

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