A day in the life of a life coach

Last week I talked about what a life coach does, and I thought today you might want to hear a bit about what a regular day looks like for me.

This isn’t to say that my day as a life coach looks anything like another coach’s day. And that’s part of the beauty of being the owner of your own business; being able to match your business to your values and your time.

Because I’m based in Australia and most of my clients live in Europe, the majority of my coaching is done via Zoom these days. That also has an impact on the timings. Currently, Australia Eastern Standard Time is 11 hours ahead of the UK, 10 hours ahead of Central Eastern Time. That will change to 9 and 8 hours after the clocks go forward here and back there which will change some of my hours! I quite often have an early call at 6am or 7am. I get up 45 minutes beforehand and have a slow morning routine, with a coffee or tea in the garden.

Even when it’s raining, I can usually get out because we have a veranda and I do find a bit of morning air helps wake me up properly! There are occasional days where the rain is horizontal, so I have to make do with either a quick stroll around the garden with my coat on or some gentle stretching.

Between 8 and 9, I’m sorting out a school packed lunch and, depending on what the evening looks like, prepping dinner. After the school drop off, if I’m not coaching a local client, I usually get in some exercise. Some days I run and some days I go to the gym. As soon as I get back home, I’m into some of the other aspects of a coaching business that people