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Angharad Boyson - bright rebel coaching

Life and Executive Coaching

Coaching helps you uncover your answers and unlock your potential

Life coaching is for anyone that wants to make a change in their life.  We work together on whatever aspect or aspects of your life that you want to improve.It could be to do with your career path, your job, your relationships, your business. Anything.


I do one-to-one coaching and a program that combines group and one-to-one coaching, face-to-face in Cheshire, UK and worldwide via Zoom.


It all starts with a free, no-oligation chemistry call to see if we're a good fit.

Executive coaching is for professionals looking to improve their positioning at work.  It is usually paid for by the organisation and the first step is a triad meeting between you, me and the organisation sponsor so we can set goals that meet your needs as well as theirs.


I especially enjoy coaching new managers who may need some extra support in the early days.


Have your organisation get in touch for a chemistry call and we'll see what we can do together.

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