I want to coach you to live fearlessly with passion, purpose and balance. 

After 17 years in the Royal Air Force, I was ready for a change.  But I wasn't really sure what that change was.  Qualifying as a coach has taught me a lot about how my self-worth isn't tied up in my occupational identity, that living passionately and with purpose doesn't have to mean working every single hour and that I can feel fulfilled, happy and whole without working 60+ hours a week.  It's not an exaggeration to say that my life is very different these days!

Is everything in your life in balance? Work, family, hobbies, time for yourself? If so, excellent! Great job!

If not, would you like some help finding how to get that balance that means you don’t feel energy depleted?

Coaching is a way of finding your own answers, working out the best way for you to live your life.  Book a chemistry call now.

A chemistry call is to see if I am the right coach for you and if you want to be coached on the kind of things I can help with. Have ready any questions you would like t...
Chemistry Call
30 min
Free consultation

Our plans

From one-off pay as you go sessions, to ongoing 10-session packages, whatever support you need, we have a plan to suit you!

pay as you go

Just want a session now and again or unsure how much ongoing support you'd like?  Pay as you go is for you.  Book it as and when you need it.

3 month plan

Ongoing support over 3 months, including 6 sessions; either 60-minutes or 90-minutes.

10 session plan

Our most cost-effective package. 10 sessions at bespoke timings with ongoing support.  Choose from 60-minute or 90-minute sessions.

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Your privacy.

We're just like you.  We want our information to remain private and only held for legitimate reasons.  So that's what we commit to. Read more here.

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